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My two major works for now are Aida and Starlight. Aida is an ongoing serial work focusing on a far future setting involving idols. It features descriptive adult content and will be published to Amazon (currently aiming for first quarter of 2018), but you can get instant access right now by pledging at $3 or higher on Patreon if you wish (see below notes).

There’s an ero-free sample of book 1 up for free reading as a taster of things to come, which covers approximately the first quarter of the book, cutting off right before the first ero scene, because I’m evil (more accurately, it just means I don’t have to use a mature rating for it on Movellas).

Starlight is a web serialised novel and is my take on Japan’s magical girl genre. This work features soft yuri/lesbian relationships, but mostly focuses on a plot involving magic, supernatural shenanigans, and fighting bad guys. Two further books and at least one spin-off are planned for this universe. Book 1 is nearing completion, with two new chapters per week going up and finishing on February 10th.

I also have a couple of other works planned for the near future, including a number of naughty novellas for $3 tier patrons and a couple of serial works to replace Starlight once it’s done.

If you enjoy the content here and would like to help me do more, you can support me on Patreon or MakerSupport (Patreon is the main, MakerSupport is a backup in the event Patreon do something stupid again), or you can buy me a coffee or two, sometimes known as Writer Fuel, if you’d rather not commit to a monthly payment.

All patrons get additional content in the form of spin-off stories for the main works that wouldn’t really fit in the main narrative. At $3 a month you get full access to all my novels and novellas several months before they go up on Amazon (at the current time this is Aida book 1 and book 2, plus two upcoming novellas).

And at $5 you get all of the above plus early access to drafts, sneak peaks, notification of upcoming works before anyone else, and maybe even a look at old drafts, notes, and other things I’d never normally share publically. If you support at this level, check out this post for a detailed breakdown of what I have planned for the next year.


Book 1 nears completion, and Book 2 in the trilogy is planned for late 2018 into 2019.

Aida: An Idol Romance:

This is a cute and generally light-hearted romance story focusing heavily on idol culture. Set in 2177 on the titular world of Aida, the story follows multiple girls through their journey as idols – whether rookie or high level – and their relationships with each other.

Due to the serial nature of this work, the story will run over multiple books. As such, each book will have its own arcs fitting into larger, overarching stories. All Patreon supporters at $3 or higher will receive free copies of the books three months before their Amazon releases (3 months is the maximum time you can put a book up for pre-order).

Novellas, Short Stories, Other Works: Coming soon to $3 tier patrons, and later to Amazon.

Summertime Gals:

An erotic novella-length story set in a sleepy British village and featuring a girl called Gwen returning home from Japan for a visit. A family she dislikes and who never quite understood or accepted her lesbian nature is offset by her simultaneous meeting with a bubbly and attractive girl called Odette. And if Gwen’s sexual interests weren’t already problem enough for her family, her newfound love of Gyaru culture is likely to rock the boat even further.

Moonlight Becomes Her:

A young detective fresh from the Bath Detective Academy’s hallowed halls finds herself assigned to an unusual case at a local Catholic girls school. Strange puncture wounds in the neck of the victims indicate that this isn’t a normal case for young Shelly Holden.

As the rookie detective investigates, an enigmatic girl at the school takes an interest in her…