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Yurika S. Grant's FictionYurika S. Grant’s fiction projects generally feature lesbian relationships (otherwise known as yuri in some circles).

The two major fiction works for now are Aida and Starlight. Aida is an ongoing serial work focusing on a far future setting involving Japanese-style idols. Due to also featuring descriptive adult content, it’ll be published both publically as an ero-free version, and to Amazon for the ero one.

(Note that the free version is just missing the overt ero scenes! Nothing else is gone, including the various naughtiness handled via dialogue or similar. This is entirely thanks to Paypal’s idiotic rules on adult content, sorry about that.)

Starlight is a web serialised novel trilogy, and is my take on Japan’s magical girl genre. This work features soft yuri relationships, though nothing explicit or overtly erotic.

I also publish smaller works. Novellas, short stories, that type of thing, including several I’m working on right now.


Yurika S. Grant’s Fiction – Major Works:


A year after moving to the Japanese coastal city of Kamogawa, Meg Momozono finds herself thrust into an exhilarating adventure of magical girls, fairies, and gods. As she learns about this new world and her own powers, she discovers that not everything can be easily explained by science…

Aida: An Idol Romance:

This is a cute and generally light-hearted romance story focusing heavily on idol culture. Set in 2177 on the titular world of Aida, the story follows multiple girls through their journey as idols – whether rookie or high level – and their relationships with each other.

Due to the serial nature of this work, the story will run over multiple books. As such, each book will have its own arcs fitting into larger, overarching stories. As mentioned above, this has two versions, with and without descriptive ero content. All Patreon supporters will receive free copies of the ero-stuffed Amazon versions if they wish, sent via email. This is how I’m getting around Paypal’s stupid restrictions.


Novellas, Short Stories, Other Works:

Mad About Pigeons:

A retired British mad scientist plots the downfall of all pigeon-kind.

A short story I wrote because I despise pigeons. Everyone has things they dislike, this is one of mine. :p