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Goodbye, Skype, You Won’t Be Missed

Not long ago, Microsoft finally discontinued Skype 6.21 and other earlier versions. I’ve been using this for the last year or two because the kiddie version of the UI they introduced in version 7 onwards disgusts me on a whole bunch of levels. So Microsoft have, once again, lost customers because of their own pig-headed idiocy in not listening to the thousands of complaints about the awful new UI they introduced.

Not only is the new UI horrible on the eyes, it wastes space like nothing else (a big issue if you’re trying to have any sort of serious text conversation), and most importantly is incredibly hard for people with colour blindness to use. Even dumbass corporations normally make concessions for people who have disabilities of one form or another, but Microsoft have made it abundantly clear that they do not care if you’re colour blind. Nice, huh?

Here’s a little tip, Microsoft: if people aren’t willing to update to your new version and you have to force them to, maybe you’re doing something wrong. Instead of forcing the issue and making it so people have to update to your bug-ridden, awful UI, bloated mess of a new release, you could always try, I don’t know… not making shit software?

They can’t seem to wrap their collective heads around this really quite simple concept. Like that whole Games for Windows Live thing. Example, Fallout 3: GFWL caused all manner of problems with that game and it took someone actually making a mod to disable GFWL to get the damn game to run properly.

And you know what? Upon disabling it, I—and many others—clawed back 10-15FPS as a result of that bloated junk no longer running. And in a first-person shooter back in 2008, that’s a HUGE deal when framerates were often hovering around the 20-30 mark under normal circumstances. Losing 10-15 from that hurts bad. (more…)


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