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Crystal Cove Chronicles Ch1&2 are Published – New Fantasy Web Serial

Crystal Cove Chronicles Ch1&2 are Published

I’ve been working on a new story for a while now, something relaxed and chilled out, something rather more slice of life than Starlight was. As such, allow me to announce that Crystal Cove Chronicles Ch1&2 are Published.

Isadora Myerscough has always dreamed of action and adventure and an exciting life of fighting pirates and searching for treasure. But when she finally decides to try her hand at this life of excitement, all does not go quite according to plan…
Leaving her home in the capital city of Herencia under less than ideal circumstances, she finds herself on the nearby Efnir Island, a relaxed and welcoming place where she might just discover the adventure she craves. But not necessarily the adventure she expects.


If you’ve ever played the Rune Factory games (specifically Oceans) then this story has kind of a similar tone to it. Albeit with at least one cute yuri/lesbian relationship, something RF was sadly lacking. Yeah, I wanted to marry Odette as Sonia, leave me alone ;p

Anyway, this story will be published on Fridays. Plus there’s a second web serial story of a sci-fi flavour (talking year 3000 here, aw yeah) with a rather different tone coming tomorrow as well! Hope you enjoy!

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