Starlight - A Magical Girl Novel Trilogy

Starlight is a magical girl story with a hint of yuri and a melding of sci-fi and fantasy, running on a serial basis. If you’ve ever seen anime in the magical girl genre – Precure especially – then this might interest you. Or if you like the idea of cute girls fighting monsters and adjusting to a crazy new reality of magic, fairies, and gods, then this might also interest you. The closest western equivalent genre would be Urban Fantasy, or Paranormal… or both combined, to be fair.

I’m taking a more mature approach compared to the anime shows aimed at young girls, with older girls starring (20-23 years) and featuring various settings including the main character’s university, a fictional artificial island city off Japan’s coast, and the general environs of Kamogawa, an east coast Japanese town.

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Starlight, Volume 1 of the Starlight Trilogy: Read on Movellas

After an enjoyably peaceful year living and attending university in the east coast town of Kamogawa in Japan, Meg Momozono finds herself thrust into an exhilarating and terrifying adventure of magical girls, fairies, and gods. And the discovery that not everything can be easily explained by science…

Book 1 is nearly complete! Just four chapters to go, which are being published two per week and will conclude on Saturday, February 10th.


Eternal Night, Volume 2 of the Starlight Trilogy: Coming late 2018 into 2019.