Aida: Characters Main

Isla Ainsworth:

Best friend of Anise. Born on Earth but moved to Mars at age 5, she has a healthy love of tennis and sports in general. Isla can hesitate with important decisions, but when she makes her mind up she’s focused like a laser.

Age: 18

Birthday: 1st December (Earth Calendar).

Likes: Sports, especially tennis, and puns.

Dislikes: Sour sweets, spicy foods.

Favourite Food: Olympus Buns.

Favourite Drink: Immersion, peach flavour for preference.

Hobbies: Tormenting Anise with horrible puns.


Anise Kendall:

Isla’s best friend, Anise is a natural-born Martian girl, growing up in the Sinai Colony Dome. She loves idols, idol culture, cute girls, and being a perv. Has an interest in video production, specifically music videos, and is an incredible singer.

Age: 18

Birthday: 7th May (Martian Calendar).

Likes: Idols, cute girls, scents.


Favourite Food: Anything smoked, especially bacon and salmon.

Favourite Drink:

Hobbies: Photography, especially anything involving cute girls/idols.


Lisa Lawson:

A professional idol of some three years, Lisa has visited many worlds and colonies, DJ’ing, creating electronic music, and generally just enjoying herself to the fullest alongside her best friend, Mira.

Age: 19

Birthday: 18th June (Earth Calendar).

Likes: Anything sexy and naughty, electronic music.

Dislikes: People asking if she’s related to the Japanese convenience store chain.

Favourite Food: Anything with a strong flavour, especially curry. Enjoys unusual dishes.

Favourite Drink:

Hobbies: Stargazing and astronomy, especially when on-board a starship.


Mira Ananta Sundaram:

Both a producer and model, Mira enjoys Assam tea, her work, and teasing cute girls. Having spent several years travelling with Lisa, she has settled down on Aida to focus on her career.

Age: 19

Birthday: 20th September (Aidan Calendar).

Likes: Fashion, teasing.

Dislikes: Goodbyes.

Favourite Food: Plain and simple cooking.

Favourite Drink: Assam tea, alcoholic cocktails.

Hobbies: Teasing cute girls, occasional exhibitionism.


Millie Bright:

Energetic and bubbly, Millie runs through life at Warp Factor 9, occasionally managing to trip herself up or put her foot in it. She’s always willing to help, loves making others happy, and might have a hidden naughty side…

Age: 18

Birthday: 15th May (Aidan Calendar).

Likes: Dance, rhyming, old school video games.

Dislikes: Seeing her friends upset.

Favourite Food: Any and all weird combinations (Doughnut Burgers, etc.).

Favourite Drink: Quantum Flux isotonic sports drink.

Hobbies: Running.


Evangeline le Fay:

Lover of all things Gothic, Evangeline wants to be a model, wouldn’t mind acting, and has an intense interest in festivals, especially those originating in old Earth myths, legends, and folklore. Has a thing for skulls.

Age: 18

Birthday: 24th December (Aidan Calendar).

Likes: All things Gothic, festivals, folklore, legends, etc.

Dislikes: Her own shyness.

Favourite Food:

Favourite Drink:



Cassiopeia Luna:

Dreamstar Academy’s top idol, Luna’s background is shrouded in mystery, including her real name. She aims to become Aida’s top idol.

Age: 19

Birthday: 29th July (Aidan Calendar).


Dislikes: Idols who don’t take their profession seriously.

Favourite Food:

Favourite Drink:

Hobbies: Tennis, badminton, and other racket sports.


Yana Anisimova:

Dreamstar Academy’s number one model, Yana is odds-on to become Aida’s next top model. Hailing originally from the Russian Consortium’s bipolar colony world of Lyapunov, she is icy cool and perfect, and focuses wholly on her career to the exclusion of all else.

Age: 20

Birthday: 27th April (Novian Calendar).



Favourite Food:

Favourite Drink: Vasiliev Royal Red brand Vodka imported from her homeworld.



Grand Princess Dona Keliana Francisca Madeiras:

First princess of colony world Gran Manillo, Keliana – Kelly to her few close friends – loves flowers, plants, trees, flowers, trees, plants, more plants, and even more flowers. Entirely uninterested in the idea of inheriting the throne, she’d rather talk about flowers.

Age: 20

Birthday: 15th February (Manillan Calendar).

Likes: Flowers, plants, greenery in general, her beloved little sister, Liliana.

Dislikes: Anything that gets in the way of her and her flowers.

Favourite Food:

Favourite Drink: Tea brewed from edelweiss flowers.

Hobbies: Gardening, flower festivals.


Sophie Émilie Bellerose:

Mira’s partner, Sophie is a high level designer creating outfits for the academy’s top idols, including Cassiopeia Luna.

Age: 23

Birthday: 29th February (Earth Calendar)

Likes: Design, fine art.

Dislikes: Wasting time.

Favourite Food: Dinky Doughnuts™.

Favourite Drink:

Hobbies: Travel, for both design inspiration and simple enjoyment.


Azusa Kurosawa:

A clumsy yet talented girl, Azusa is Sophie’s apprentice, hoping to become a top designer and make her master proud.

Age: 17

Birthday: 7th April (Aidan Calendar)

Likes: Japanese culture, having some Japanese ancestry herself. Loves Tanabata.


Favourite Food:

Favourite Drink: