About Yurika


Welcome to Yuritopia. My name’s Yurika, and I’ll be your yuri guide for today and, I hope, the foreseeable future going forward. It is a scientific fact that girl love is 1723% more healthy for you than going for a 26 mile run, so stay awhile and enjoy my stories. You know it makes sense.

All silliness aside, welcome to my humble author site where you will find not only my current and past works and also occasional blog posts on the topics of writing and anything else that might catch my interest.

I write, for the most part, yuri/lesbian fiction in a cute and playful sort of flavour. Drama features when necessary and sometimes I’ll write things that can be pretty serious, but my specialities lean more towards cute, fun, naughty, and playful. I focus most heavily on serial content with ongoing, overarching stories split into individual arcs focusing on specific characters, relationships, or plot threads.

Japan and Japanese culture are a huge source of inspiration for me, both their games/anime and in the culture general, so a lot of my fiction has similar genres/themes with my own twists. I love idols and magical girls, so those feature, but I also write other things like sci-fi and fantasy in a more western style. And often I’ll combine these different genres and styles into one setting. Both Aida and Starlight, my two main works right now, are good examples of this!

I often use an easy-going writing style I would describe as chatty and conversational, with lots of character interaction and dialogue while building an interesting world in the background. Some of my works are erotic with sexy scenes, some are merely naughty and suggestive, others have FxF relationships without being overtly sexual. It just depends what I happen to feel like and what fits the story in question.

For specifics on my fiction works, please see the top menu. And if you enjoy the content here and would like to help me do more, you can support me on Patreon or MakerSupport (Patreon is the main, MakerSupport is a backup in the event Patreon do something stupid again), or you can buy me a coffee or two, sometimes known as Writer Fuel, if you’d rather not commit to a monthly payment.

All patrons get additional content in the form of spin-off stories for the main works that wouldn’t really fit in the main narrative. At $3 a month you get full access to all my novels and novellas several months before they go up on Amazon (at the current time this is Aida book 1 and book 2, plus two upcoming novellas).

And at $5 you get all of the above plus early access to drafts, sneak peaks, notification of upcoming works before anyone else, and maybe even a look at old drafts, notes, and other things I’d never normally share publically. If you support at this level, check out this post for a detailed breakdown of what I have planned for the next year.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my works!