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About Yurika

About Yurika

Hey, my name’s Yurika and I’m here to do you many favours in a variety of yuri flavours. Many stories of an excitingly yuri nature fill your immediate future if you stick around here. And maybe some less yuri but still fun things in addition. But mostly yuri, as that’s kind of my thing. My raison d’être, if you will.

I write, for the most part, yuri (that’s lesbian relationships, for the uninitiated, see above link) in a cute and playful sort of flavour. Drama features when necessary and sometimes I’ll write things that can be pretty serious, but my specialities lean more towards cute, fun, naughty, and playful.

After starting out in fanfic back in June of 2014 to gain experience, I now write my own original works. I focus most heavily on serial content with an ongoing, overarching story but split into individual mini-arcs focusing on specific characters, relationships, or plot threads.

I often use an easy-going writing style I would describe as chatty and conversational, focused on character interaction and dialogue. Some of my works are erotic with sexy scenes, some are merely naughty. And others have FxF relationships without being overtly sexual. It just depends what I happen to feel like and what fits the story in question.

For specifics on my works, please see the fiction landing page. And if you enjoy my works and would like to help me do more, you can check out my Patreon. Unsure what that is? Check out this video. Or buy me a coffee or two if you’d rather not commit to a monthly payment. Thanks!

Also, if it wasn’t obvious from the images everywhere, I love Aikatsu. It’s what got me into writing in the first place, and is what prompted me to write my own idol setting, Aida. So yeah… hope you don’t mind adorably cute girls all over the place. Not sure why you’re here if you do mind 😉