Forsaken: The Journey Home Ch1&2 published

Forsaken: The Journey Home Ch1&2 publishedForsaken: The Journey Home Ch1&2 published! After getting Crystal Cove Chronicles’ first two chapters published yesterday, today we have something a bit more sci-fi! Forsaken is a story about seven girls coming together for the Year 3000 celebrations and taking part in a special lesbian event. Unfortunately, they don’t quite manage to make it there:

Seven girls are brought together by a year-end trip arranged by the exotic Lesbian Liaisons company for the imminent Year 3000 celebrations.

As their special trip gets underway, a spacial anomaly causes one of the vessels to veer off course during its flight through the Warpway. Rushing to the escape pods, the seven girls are split up from the rest of the group, crash landing on an alien world.

They must now work together to survive and figure out a way to return to known space. But this world holds secrets lost to time, secrets the girls will have to uncover if they want to escape…

A story inspired in part by the classic movie Mysterious Island and also by the excellent anime Uninhabited Planet Survive (which itself was clearly inspired by Mysterious Island). Survival, mystery, and cute yuri relationships abound in this web serial! A new chapter or two will be published every Saturday.

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Yurika S. Grant is a writer and yuri lover who writes lesbian fiction and lives in the sunny yet unbelievably flat East Midlands. Secretly a witch.

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