Dreaming of the Stars, Book 1 of Aida, is now live!

After something like two and a half years, the first novel I ever wrote is finally complete and available on Amazon! If you’re interested in yuri/lesbian romance with naughtiness and sexy shenanigans, set on a sci-fi future planet called Aida… well, this might well be right up your alley. Grab it here:

Dreaming of the Stars (Aida: An Idol Romance Book 1)

It’s also enrolled in KDP Select, so if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can grab it for free. And if you do buy or borrow, I’d love it if you could leave a quick review on Amazon. It doesn’t need to be anything long, just a simple ‘I enjoyed this book’ is plenty. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

Now… let’s talk Amazon pre-orders and using them as a new and largely still unknown author. The short version first: don’t bother. Now the long version. Initially, I put the book up on Amazon with a three month pre-order window. This was primarily advice given by other authors I know, plus various websites I’d been visiting while researching.

However, pre-orders are a problem if you’re not that well-known just yet. Why? Because in order for pre-orders to have the desired effect—pushing your book straight up the Amazon rankings in hopes of a #1 bestseller the moment the book goes live—you need to have a lot of sales. I mean duh, kinda selling 101, right?

But I figured that over three months I’d be able to advertise and grow my readership, no worries, so I went for it anyway. Hah, still a problem. Why? Because going for a month or more without consistent sales actually harms your ranking, I learned a bit later. So while it’s technically possible to grow your audience during the pre-order period, chances are it’s still going to do more harm than good if you don’t have an established audience.

As such, I rethought my plans a bit and decided to kill the pre-order and simply put the book up for immediate sale. Except you can’t do that. For some unfathomable reason Amazon outright bans you from using pre-orders again for a full year if you cancel one. And not just for the author name, for all books under all author names you might put up. Nice, huh? And I might well want to use pre-order in a few months when Aida’s second book goes up, not to mention other works.

I therefore just had to bring the pre-order back to the earliest release date possible, which was today, the 9th. After all that rigmarole, the book is now live and ready to go, yay. And I’ve learned a good bit about what to do and what not to do when releasing a new book. All in all, it can be total minefield when navigating Amazon’s rules, but as they say… first time’s always the hardest.


Yurika S. Grant is a writer and yuri lover who writes lesbian fiction and lives in the sunny yet unbelievably flat East Midlands. Secretly a witch.

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