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At New Year I put up a post talking about a project I was hoping to write this year. The idea was to write a story spanning a whole year where each day would be a chapter, or possibly each week if that didn’t work out. And while I still intend to write the story, this post is basically just to announce that I’m putting it off until 2019 now, to start publishing around the end of March.

The reason for this is simple; I can’t get it written quickly enough to actually start publishing it this March as originally planned, not if I want it to be good. I want this story to be the best it can be, and it’s going to be kind of a pain to write due to the unusual structure, so I’m simply not willing to compromise on it. I’ll write the whole thing over the course of the next year, edit the hell out of it, and publish it when it’s ready.

The other big reason is simply the fact I don’t have enough readers yet. This story is going to be a magnum opus for me (hopefully, lol), and I want as many readers as possible to be enjoying it. As such, I’ll be using the next year to build more of a following for the current works (Aida, Starlight, others being announced below).

With that out of the way, let’s talk about this year’s projects. First, as I mentioned in the post I wrote on Starlight Blues, I have a new work in the pipeline to start being published in the next couple of weeks, something with a slice of life fantasy setting. I also have the mentioned sci-fi far future story mentioned in that post. Those two will take us through a good part of the first half of 2018. The second half of the year is already being planned, with one story involving cute lesbian witches, and one or two other things in addition.

I’m also writing some sexy novellas for some fun on the side. Those will be Amazon releases, but if you’d like early access when they’re done, patrons at $3 or higher will get them at least a month before release. The first two are well underway, with one being a sleepy British village setting and featuring a girl who lives in Japan but has to return to the UK for annoying family business, and the other being something involving a lesbian vampire 😉

The vampire story (titled Moonlight Becomes Her) will be freely available to anyone who wants to read and will have no overt ero content; it’s an introductory kind of story to give people an idea of what I write before committing to supporting me on Patreon if they wish. And both the other stories will be free to read and published on a roughly weekly schedule (with any luck…).

I’ll toss up a proper announcement post once I actually start publishing the fantasy story. Until then, why not check out Aida or Starlight? Thanks!


Yurika S. Grant is a writer and yuri lover who writes lesbian fiction and lives in the sunny yet unbelievably flat East Midlands. Secretly a witch.

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