So… let’s talk about 2018

As per the title, let’s talk briefly about next year. Yes, I know next year is still a few months off, but regardless, I have a project I’m planning to write for next year and feel like talking about it. The basic idea is this: I want to try my hand at something similar to Persona, a work that will run over the course of a full year, with each day of the year being a single chapter.

Some chapters might only be a few hundred words, others might be a few thousand, and each chapter will be published on the appropriate day of 2018, starting – I think, subject to change but I’ll get to that in a moment – on April 1st… which I admit might not be the best day, so maybe I’ll go March 31st instead, lol.

And special days, events, and times of year (summer, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, etc.) will of course get special chapters. One of the main reasons I’m thinking April is a good start point (rather than, say, January 1st) is because there will as usual be a degree of influence from Japan on the work, and school terms start around April 1st or so over there, which will affect my setting directly.

But more importantly, it’ll take a good few months before all the characters are introduced, so having Valentine’s happen when not all the main cast are even around yet would be pretty bad. Summer is kind of the first really big thing, and by that point I should have all 8 mains introduced at which point Halloween, maybe a November fireworks event (Guy Fawkes or similar), Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s can all happen and be enjoyed by the whole cast.

As for the story itself, I’m not going to spoil it here, but I’ll just say this: it’ll be an academy setting of some sort, and will be heavily influenced not only by Persona (a series I adore), but also a few lesser-known works such as Alundra. So expect supernatural shenanigans and general weirdness 😀

So why am I telling you about this now? Simple, a work like this will need to be fully written in advance, all 365 chapters. Intrigue, plotting, mystery, they all play a part, but they’re also things that have to be carefully set up by the writer. And I’m well aware, thanks to copious experience with my previous serial works, that fresh ideas for hints and foreshadowing and similar can occur late in a work, which would require edits to be made to the earlier parts. And that ain’t going to work if I write this week by week.

With that in mind, consider this my announcement of intention to write a good portion of this work as my Nanowrimo project for this year. I have the next month to plan and prepare the major bulk of the work (characters, setting, plot, antagonists, etc.), at which point November will be the start of my month-long hell for the fourth year running 🙂

I’m going to write as much as I can for Starlight and (another work I’ve not announced yet, coming soon!) over the same October period, so I have content to put up in November without needing to actually write it, leaving me free to plan this new work. Who knows, I might even share some things with patrons as I plan them, though only for the opening sections of the story, don’t want to go spoiling later events, do I? ;p

Lastly, while I really like the idea of the 365 days as chapters thing, it’s also possible that might end up not working too well. As such, the other option is to make it 52 chapters instead, and make it weekly. I prefer the daily idea… but we’ll see how that works out once I start writing it.

That’s all for now, will update on this for patrons when I have something more solid to share. I already have the basis for the work (setting, major plot, antagonist’s motivations, a couple of main characters) pretty sorted, so we’re not talking ‘completely from scratch’ here. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but eh, I figure it’s time to properly go forward with it, given Nanowrimo is just around the corner.


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  1. Katali

    Writing a single chapter each day is really complicated, you explained why, but the concept is great in itself. Weekly could work too, it’s a choice about how you want to display the story, in the end. Love the idea of special events.

    As far as I know, the few things you said about this project kind of reminds me of a new game called “Blue Reflection” : Girls getting supernatural powers, Persona-like, lots of friendship and subtext… Maybe you would like it ? It might or might not inspire you.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Yuri rules.
    ( please excuse my broken english, it’s not my native language )

  2. YurikaYurika (Post author)

    Hey, thanks for the comment 🙂 Yeah, there’s an unfortunate similarity with Blue Reflection, alas. I actually had no idea that game used collective consciousness as a thing… which is actually what I’m doing for this work as well (though mine is more to do with entering dreams, if you’ve ever played or heard of Alundra, it’s something similar to that).

    I was really annoyed when I discovered this about Blue Reflection, lol. I ended up buying the game, but haven’t played it yet. Kinda want to write my own work first. I’m already drawing from several inspirations here, haha. Plus, I’m deep into Tales of Berseria, so that’s keeping me nicely occupied anyway.

    And yep, a chapter a day will be tricky, but that’s why I’m writing the whole thing up front. I can structure it during edits and fit it into the appropriate schedule like that… at least, that’s the plan. It’ll be a challenge, but that’s no bad thing, challenging yourself is how you improve, after all.

    Also, sorry for the late reply, I didn’t get an email notification to say there was a new message. Need to check my settings, think something might be a bit broken.

    1. Katali

      You’re welcome. I know the similarity is unfortunate ; still, it’s funny when a theme is “in the air” like this. I am convinced a writer can catch new trends before everyone else. So, I’m sure it means something good for your new project. 🙂

      Haha, I would be annoyed too. However, you should see it as a good sign, and another material for inspiration. The more, the better !

      Glad you bought Blue Reflection. Hope you will have time to play it someday ! Love this game and his sense of the aesthetic. But you are probably right : work first !

      I don’t know Alundra, but I think I got what you meant.
      Tales of Berseria looks interesting. ( is there Yuri inside ? )
      Don’t miss to play Nights of Azure 2 if you love Yuri.

      Indeed, writing the whole structure upfront is the best strategy. That’s kind of what I did for my story ( I am writing a small text each day ) and I am quite ok with it for now. Still, I know I will encounter problems at some point due to the nature of the project itself, even though I know where I am heading and planned a lot of things.

      Anyway, I hope everything will go well for you and your project. As you said, it will be a challenge, so I send to you my words of encouragement.

      It’s ok. You don’t have to apologize about that. 🙂

      On another note, I did not have time to check ‘seriously’ your work, just one chapter and few articles, but I will definitely whenever I can. ( writing is time consuming, I don’t read a lot… )

      1. YurikaYurika (Post author)

        Seriously. Persona 5 has Mementos, which is effectively a collective unconscious, Blue Reflection actually CALLS it that as well, going by the game’s description on Steam, and now I’m doing something along those lines as well.

        One difference for me is I’m also looking at an off-shoot of collective unconscious called collective effervescence (look it up on Wikipedia if you don’t know the term). So yeah, I’ll be doing something a bit different anyway, but the timing of two fairly high profile games doing something similar to what I’ve been thinking about for the last year or so is pretty crazy, lol.

        Tales of Berseria is amazing, definitely recommended, though I would suggest picking up Zestiria first and playing that. Berseria is a prequel of sorts, set in the same world but 1000 years in the past. It sets up a lot of what happens in Zestiria and you’ll get a LOT more from it if you play Zesty first. And no, no yuri ;p There’s not much romance at all actually, neither game is about that (especially not Berseria, where you’re effectively playing as the villains, which is why it’s such an interesting story).

        Kishida Mel has a really nice art style, yes. His best work is still Totori IMO, especially when Mimi turns up. Ultra cute couple :3

        And yep, problems can crop up at the weirdest times when writing a work, especially so if it’s an unusual format like the one I’m planning. It’s giving me headaches already, and I’ve not even started writing yet, lol

        Thanks for the encouragement, and hope you enjoy my works whenever you find time for some reading, I know how hard finding free time can be.

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