We’re moving!

Looking for lesbian romance stories? You’re technically in the right place! But I’m actually over on another site now, a place for a few of us lesfic authors to gather and put out high quality fic involving girls loving girls.

Where is this magical realm of lesbian possibilities, you ask? Why, it’s right here, at a new site called the Lily Coven. A coven of cute witches writing cute (and in some cases pretty serious) stories 🙂

I have a free promo period for the first book in my serial work, Aida, coming up at midnight PST, which will be the first (actually the second now) shiny new post on the coven’s site. If you’re interested in slice of life feelgood stories with quirky and fun characters and, of course, lesbian romance, now could be a great time to grab the first book for free (once the promo starts, of course)!

This site will be around for the next few weeks until probably the 20th of June or so, at which point it will be retired and all my works will permanently over on the coven. Hopefully I’ll see you there!